Cyber Attack news for the day

On October 31st, 2018 the third phase of the public hearing has started on the Cyber Attack related to SingHealth. And to surprise us all, some interesting facts came into light. This includes the reality that the senior manager and some senior staff members of the healthcare provider showed reluctance in disclosing the cyber incident […]

Cyber Threat to Children’s Toys and Baby Monitors sold in Britain

At last the United Kingdom’s Cyber Watchdog “The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)” seems to have reacted to a major cyber threat concern posed by the toys and baby monitors sold to families in Britain. The NCSC has warned that all companies manufacturing the said internet connected devices should ensure that the devices are secure […]

Data Breach stories for this day

1.) Three million Google Chrome UK users are vulnerable to hackers-A research conducted by a cybersecurity consultancy firm named ‘Surecloud’ has discovered that all 3 million Google Chrome users in the UK and 30 million Chrome users on a global note are vulnerable to hackers. Experts suggest that the security flaw could make hackers steal […]

WhatsApp users should be aware of this Cyber Security Vulnerability

All those who are using WhatsApp, you better be aware of this new cybersecurity threat related to WhatsApp. It’s said that a bug in the said messaging app allows hackers to infiltrate into their WhatsApp app and send messages and group chats to near and dear ones without your knowledge. And if this flaw can […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phones are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Researchers from Austria based Graz Technical University have come to a conclusion that hackers can anytime exploit the meltdown vulnerability on Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phones and put millions of the said device users into jeopardy. A team of researchers from the University disclosed their findings on Wednesday at the Black Hat Security conference held […]

Android apps hosted on Google Cloud are vulnerable to hackers

All those Android apps hosted on Firebase Databases are said to be vulnerable to hackers. Remember, Firebase is a cloud-based backend platform for mobile and web applications meant to store and share user data. The company was acquired by Google in 2014 and has transformed into a real user base for some of the top […]

LTE data transmission is vulnerable to hackers

Researchers have found few mobile security loopholes in the data transmission of LTE networks aka 4G networks. Experts say that the vulnerability identified recently is found to affect almost all mobile phones and tablets connected to 4G networks. And the weakness could also spread to the upcoming mobile telephony standard 5G. Mobile security researchers from […]

Shallow Defense In Depth

Are More Security Controls Really Making You More Secure? The average enterprise uses 75 security products just to secure their network. Organizations mistakenly believe that layered security controls help them achieve a defense-in-depth strategy that will keep their systems safe. They think that when an attack breaches one control, another one will certainly fend off […]

Windows 10’s Controlled Folder Access Won’t Protect Your Data

What is Controlled Folder Access? With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft added a new feature called Controlled Folder Access (CFA) to Windows Defender Exploit Guard. This features allows users to control which processes can access certain folders to help protect data from malicious programs, such as ransomware or wipers. CFA is […]

Case study: CloudPassage enables security for the Centrify DevOps team with vulnerability assessment and reporting, along with compliance reporting

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. We love our customers, especially when they make for the perfect case study! This was particularly true for Centrify, an Identity-as-a Service (IDaaS), enterprise mobility management and privileged access management solution that serves over 5,000 organizations worldwide. Being a security organization themselves, Centrify needed continuous visibility into […]

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