Google issues a Mobile Security patch to Android Application Package Vulnerability!

Android attackers started to exploit a vulnerability of the said OS that enables hackers to bundle malware with Android Application Files and evade antivirus products. The vulnerability identified as CVE-2017-13156 and called as Janus was reported to Google in July this year by researchers from cybersecurity firm GuardSquare. After analyzing the flaw, the security researchers […]

Popular Virtual Keyboard App leaks data from its 31 million Customers!

Popular Virtual keyboard App AI.type is facing the wrath of its users. As media reports emerged out that the developers of the app failed to secure database server containing the data of its respective users which is now vulnerable to hackers and dark web agents. Note- This app which can be used on Android and […]

DHS hacks into Trumps Airplane triggering a Cyber Threat alert!

All these days we witnessed hackers cyber attacking IT assets of small and big companies. But can anyone imagine cyber crooks hacking an airliner and taking the cockpit controls into their hands? And what if the jet airliner belongs to the 45th American President Donald Trump? Yes, you’ve read it right! The Department of Homeland […]

Twilio app vulnerability exposes data from over 180 million Smart Phone Users

All those who are using Twilio app are hereby alerted about a security error which has could have exposed data of more than 180 million smartphone users. Daily Mail reports that all calls and text messages of those using the Twilio app are now being intercepted by hackers who could post them on the dark […]

Smart Watches used by teenagers are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Consumer experts say that Smart Watches which are being used by Teenagers are at a risk of being cyber attacked due to some software related security flaws. They add that even high tech devices, costing $50 to $75 could be putting children in danger, especially those who are residing in the UK, Europe, and the […]

Hackers launch Global Cyber Attacks by exploiting Adobe Flash Software

Adobe Systems Inc. has issued a public statement on Monday saying that hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in its Flash Multimedia software platform to launch cyber attacks. So, the company is requesting its users to quickly patch their systems to prevent such attacks and avoid embarrassment. The alert was issued by Adobe as soon as […]

T Mobile website vulnerability exposes personal info of 76 million users to hackers

A major flaw on the website of T-Mobile could have exposed personal data of more than 76 million of customers to hackers. And security experts say that all such information can be used in social engineering attacks to commandeer a user’s line or even worse. The flaw was discovered by Karan Saini who works for […]

What the Apache Struts vulnerability means for you

This post was originally published here by cliff turner. Unless you’ve been avoiding the news lately, you’ve likely heard about a few major breaches and the Apache Struts vulnerabilities associated with them. Apache Struts 2 is an elegant, extensible framework for building enterprise-ready Java web applications. But unfortunately this year there have been multiple security […]

Introduction to Software Vulnerability Assessment

This post was originally published here by   leslie devlin. CloudPassage Halo’s Software Vulnerability Assessment module (SVA), is one of the most critical components of the Halo platform. The SVA module regularly scans all of your protected servers to detect known vulnerable packages, providing universal visibility into your workloads. These scans cross-reference the software installed […]

FDA to recall 745,000 pacemakers vulnerable to Cyber Attack

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of United States has issued an alert this week for a voluntary recall of approximately 745,000 pacemakers made by St Jude Medical, now owned by US Manufacturer Abbott. And as per the data available with the FDA, more than 465,000 of the pacemakers are implanted in US patients and […]

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