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On October 31st, 2018 the third phase of the public hearing has started on the Cyber Attack related to SingHealth. And to surprise us all, some interesting facts came into light. This includes the reality that the senior manager and some senior staff members of the healthcare provider showed reluctance in disclosing the cyber incident to the world as they did not want to feel the pressure.

It was revealed before the 4 member committee today that Mr. Ernest Tan Choon Kiat a senior IT manager of Integrated Health Information Systems’s (IHiS) -a technology vendor of SingHealth was focused fully in isolating, containing and defending the incident. And was not interested in reporting the suspicious activities to seniors as he did not want the pressure that the senior management along with the government would put him and his team.

In other news related to Cyber Attack, FIFA President Gianni Infantino is willing to disclose all the info which was accessed by hackers when a cyber attack took place on the sporting body a couple of years ago. The disclosure comes after 1 month when the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) jointly confirmed that Russian GRU was responsible for the hack on FIFA in 2016 which led to the leak of evidence from anti-doping investigations and info from lab reports.

However, Infantino added in his statement that he wants to do the disclosure in an appropriate way as he did not want to compromise on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

As Power grids are super- vulnerable to cyber attacks, researchers from Dartmouth College have developed a tool named PhasorSec which keeps the power facilities isolated from long-term blackouts, permanent physical damage and facility operations break down.

The cybersecurity tool which is installed in utility control systems is said to monitor phasor measurement units coming from power generation and transmission stations. If any alteration is seen in the units, the electrical waves are sent back to data monitoring systems which then analyze info on whether a hacker has gained access to the critical infrastructure.

Now the big news- From the past few months, Facebook has faced endless troubles over elections meddling, data privacy, fake news, hacking and hate speech. Experts now warn that if the situation continues as such then Mark Zuckerberg led company could collapse in no time.

The prediction was given by David Kirkpatrick, who wrote the book on Facebook’s early history in 2010.

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