Team Cymru’s New Attack Surface Management Solution to Transform the Way Organizations Manage Digital Business Risk

Team Cymru, ​​a leader in digital risk management solutions, recently announced the release of Pure Signal™ Orbit, the industry’s first and only attack surface management (ASM) solution to blend external ASM, vulnerabilities management, and cyber threats, comprehensively addressing both business and IT risk from a single solution.

By enriching cyber threat and digital risk information with business metrics, Pure Signal™ Orbit uniquely enables organizations to make better risk-based decisions in real-time, protecting themselves financially from direct threats and third party risks.

“The current approach to Attack Surface Management falls short of what modern organizations need; contextual awareness,” said Rabbi Rob Thomas, CEO of Team Cymru. “Organizations are increasingly suffering from a lack of visibility, threat intelligence sensory overload, and suffocating from ineffective tools. As a result, they struggle to discover, classify, prioritize, and manage internet-facing assets, which not only leaves them vulnerable to attack, but also incapable of defending their organization proactively. The goal of Orbit is to enable all organizations to holistically manage digital business risks.”

What others have to say about Pure Signal™ Orbit:

“We are excited about the power of Team Cymru’s Orbit because it enables us to accelerate the discovery and identification of risks in our attack surface,” said Sharon Weiss, CTO and General Manager of Minute Media. “What is especially valuable is the addition of real-time vulnerability detection and in-line threat intelligence, enabling our security team to visualize and manage security risks in a single place.”

“As a long-time analyst in attack surface management, I can say Team Cymru’s leadership in the space is extremely impressive,” said Brad LaPorte, former Gartner Analyst, Partner at High Tide Advisors. “Team Cymru continues to be the most trusted and largest single source of data available on IT assets and IP enabled devices, and has long been the data others rely. Orbit is the first example of what the future of attack surface management will look like.”


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