Twitter data dump of 235 million users available on web

Adding more embarrassment to last year’s Twitter Data Breach, a new finding on the web has discovered a new database dump exposed on an online hacking forum. It appears to be a big data leak as information related to about 235 million users was found by a cyber intelligence firm named Hudson Rock, based in Israel.

Exposed details include user names, email address, screen names, number of followers and date of account creation along with the linked phone number.

Researchers from Hudson Rock claim they analyzed around 63GB of files from stolen 230,000,000 records and all the information seems genuine; though further analysis is awaited.

A price of $200,000 is being demanded for the stolen information and as it contains sensitive information such as contact details, those interested might make merry as they can use the purchased data to launch identity thefts and phishing campaigns.

Hudson Rock did not name the hacking form that contains the twitter data dump. But as per a Facebook page of a renowned hacker, the forum is called ‘Breached” and contains more such data related to many multinational tech and manufacturing companies, along with 2 healthcare firms.

NOTE- Twitter suffered a similar info breach in 2018 because of a password bug leaking info about around 330m user accounts. In July 2022, a breach occurred leaking details of about 400 million twitter users and was detected in August last year. Now, the company needs to respond to the latest data dump appearing on a hacking forum.

Wonder why all such things are intensifying after Elon Musk’s take over as chief of the world’s second social networking company?

Perhaps, Peter Mudge Zatko, the former security lead of Twitter, might give an exact answer to this question!


Naveen Goud
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