VMware acquires CloudHealth to bolster Security across native Public Cloud

Virtualization giant VMware has made it official on Monday that it is planning to acquire CloudHealth Technologies for an undisclosed amount. The objective of the purchase is to help enterprises analyze cost, usage, security, and performance of computing environments across public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

VMware is in a plan to integrate CloudHealth platform with its existing Wavefront, Secure State and Cloud Automation services in order to suffice the service needs of its customers in multi-cloud operations.

“The purchase of CloudHealth will benefit our customers as it offers cost management, resource optimization, granular visibility and reporting”, said Raghuram, the COO of Products and Cloud Services, VMware.

For those who aren’t aware of the services provided by Wavefront and Secure State, here’s a briefing from the company COO. The former provides insights and analytics at scale for cloud-native apps, while the latter offers the privilege of customizing configuration standards by searching out discrepancies across multiple cloud assets.

The deal is to provide VMware a substantial amount of customer base of appx. 3000 from Cloud health and this includes world-renowned clients such as Zendesk, Skyscanner, SHI, Dow Jones, and Yelp.

Note- News is out that the deal will close in the 3Q of 2019.

In other news related to the cloud world, Amazon and VMware chose to introduce a version of Amazon’s Cloudbase Database Management Software that is still using on-premise data centers.
The software is said to allow network admins in data centers to run their database across multiple servers, regardless of whether those machines are stored in cloud or in-house. All popular database services which include Microsoft and Oracle will be supported by the latest software which is tentatively titled as Amazon Relational Database Service.

Naveen Goud
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