Voice Recognition sophistication to unlock Ransomware


Symantec researchers have discovered that malware developers are getting sophisticated day by day. And the best example to prove this point is their latest study which proves that a ransomware victim is now being asked to read aloud a message via voice recognition app to unlock his/her PC files.

As per the latest report prepared by Symantec, a new malware variant has entered the cyber stream which is called as Android.lockdroid.E mobile ransomware. This notorious software employs speech recognition APIs which allow the victim to input their voice code, unlike a text code.

That means, when a hacker locks the files on a PC or a database, he/she will be asked to pay a ransom to regain access. As soon as the ransom which is usually demanded in cryptocurrency like Bitcoins is paid to the hacker, he sends a code to the victim. The victim then has to read out the code loudly for the remote server to unlock the files/folders.

The latest feature has not only baffled the researchers of Symantec, but also the security experts around the world.

Kevin Haley, Director of Symantec Security Response said that the new sophistication of voice recognition feature could hit back the hackers of Lockdroid if smartly manipulated. As the newest version of ransomware harbors a few implementation bugs like improper speech recognition and copy/paste flaws.

Haley added that there are two similarities between the new variant of ransomware and the old ones. First is the usage of QQ messenger as the communication and the second is the usage of mandarin instructions.
Thus, the Symantec experts conclude that the developers of the new malware and the ones spreading android malware are same.

In future, Symantec is planning to bring in a new tool which has the ability to unlock any ransomware in the world. Hmm…at least the most dreaded ones which are prevailing. The company is planning to offer these tools for free of cost to the victims and is planning to raise funds from open donations.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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