Wannacry Ransomware makes Honda halt its Car production for this week


Wannacry ransomware which targeted more than 300,000 computers across 150 countries made Japanese Car Company Honda halt its production for this week. As per the reports available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the world renowned car maker decided to halt the production at the Sayama Plant, located North West of Tokyo due to the presence of Wannacry Ransomware in its computer network.

Although several Japanese media resources reported that the production has been restarted on late Tuesday, Honda has released an official statement just a couple of hours ago which says that it is planning to resume the car production by this weekend.

Technically, the Sayama car production plant of Honda manufactures around 1000 vehicles a day. Since the computer network of the said plant has been attacked by Ransomware, the functional skills of the production plant will take some time to pick up.

As per our sources of Cybersecurity Insiders, Honda is planning to restart the production of its Accord car variant along with Odyssey Minivan by late Wednesday. And the Tokyo-based company is planning to resume the operations of other car variants by this weekend.

The fact which is wondering the media is the affected computers used at Sayama car production plant of Honda were running unpatched versions of Windows 10 operating system.

Rival Carmakers Nissan and Renault released a press statement on May 13th,2017 that their network was targeted by Wanna cry Ransomware which resulted in halting of car production operations in UK’s Sunderland, India, Romania, and France along with Japan.

Perhaps Honda discovered the wanna cry ransomware on its production network to lately and so has come out now to disclose it to the cyber world.

Note- Wannacry is a kind of ransomware variant which takes all the enterprise data as a hostage and denies access until a ransom is paid to the hackers/developers.

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