Web Browser options for data privacy seekers


For those who think its time that their browser is scooping up a lot of personal information than required, here are some 3rd party tools that can help browse and search- keeping your privacy intact and that too at ‘zero’ cost.


VPN Pioneer of Opera- This free web browser from Microsoft Windows offers a VPN tool which will help online users to connect to public Wi-Fi networks securely by encrypting the data from the mobile devices with a 256-bit algorithm. Hope, all your privacy concerns such as data collection and tracking down of GPS location by 3rd parties will be addressed for sure with this browsing tool.


Vivaldi- Founded in 2016 by the founder of Opera software this browser is a desktop application and offers the privilege of switching to your favorite search engine on the fly. And recently, the company has also launched a mobile version that is reportedly meeting all the privacy standards expected by online users.


Potshot- This interactive browsing app is just 4 months old and has gained a lot of craze in Asia and abroad. And the highlight is that it allows the users to take a screenshot in a jiffy with just a requirement of a single touch.


Firefox- Firefox is now a world-renowned browser which assures that all your browsing history is encrypted and is isolated from prying eyes. And recently, the company has done the launch of a mobile version which claims to be blocking over 1800 plus trackers from chasing its users. Also, the browser offers the option of clearing the history after each browsing section which other browsers claim but fails to do in practice.


DuckDuckGo- This privacy filled search engine from the United States claims to offer its users a total control on their browser sections. Moreover, the browser also offers a Privacy Grade rating letting its users know who was trying to track you.


Brave Browser- This 2019 founded free and open-source web browser promotes itself as a privacy engine that blocks trackers and ads on a default note. But speculations are ripe that this browser has made some lucrative deals with ad companies and will target users with relevant ads which prove as monetary incentives to Brave browser users in the long run.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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