Apple plans new data privacy guidelines to app developers


Coming year, that is from the year 2021, all new app developers need to share the information with Apple Inc on how their application stores data and shares it with third parties. This includes data such as analytical tools, data being shared with ad networks and 3rd party SDKs or other external firms.

From this December 8,2020, all iOS and Mac OS developers are required to provide details related to the apps such as what info their app requires from the user, and whether the data will be shared with other parties. A privacy label will be tagged to the app to enlighten the users with all the privacy related info.

And if the app developer cannot provide such information, then their app will never get listed on the iOS or Mac’s App Store.

According to the Apple Inc’s latest notification, the developers will need to submit the info via App Store Connect website, after which a team of experts will scrutinize it to provide updates over the developments later.

Note 1- Apple has been taking its user privacy seriously since the beginning of its iPhone series inception and has worked hard to win the trust of its device users by disallowing public, private and international law enforcement agencies from snooping or invading the devices without permission.

Note 2- After Apple, Google is the only tech company that has taken user privacy seriously and has been constantly improving its online services as per the need and in compliance with the local laws.

Note 3- Often it has been found that app developers offer their services in such a way that they either barge into the privacy of users without permission or in unlawful ways. For instance, in July this year, Facebook found that over 5,000 developers have been recording data of users was not at all necessary for their app functioning. This includes apps such as Tinder, TikTok, Match, Grindr, Romeo, Recon and 3fun.

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