Artificial Intelligence helps Facebook takedown 6.5 billion fake accounts

Facebook(FB), the social media giant of the world has announced that it has taken the help of Artificial Intelligence technology to fight fake accounts. In fact, in a recent report released by the Mark Zuckerberg led company said that its newly developed Machine Learning tools have made it’s digital blue-pencil teams takedown over 6.5 billion accounts in 2019.


Currently, the social media giant claims that it has an active user database of 2.8 billion accounts on a monthly note, of which over 5% could be fake.


FB has achieved this feat with the help of ‘Deep Entity Classification’ (DEC) which is a computer rated program fed with machine learning intelligence that can detect fake accounts from FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.


Therefore, FB is not only using DEC to weed out fake accounts but is also keeping a track of friends list linked to accounts where all the daily interaction activity is being monitored to take down those spreading hatred, violence, blasphemy and all kinds of abuse.


So, all you FB users out there who are indulging in spreading manipulated or fabricated content like deep fake videos, please what your moves from now on. As the big brother will be watching you.


And the highlight of this story is that Facebook now has direct links with the law enforcement agencies which on a tip-off can go for flash arrests.


Note- Now to those who are interested in Cryptocurrency and the launch of Facebook’s own stable-coin ‘Libra’, here’s the news. A consortium of companies that includes Uber, PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa have jointly agreed to segregate a fund of $10 million which will be used to launch Libra by the social media giant at some time in mid-2020.

Naveen Goud
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