Britain Boris Johnson speaks about Cyber Attacks


For the first time after being elected as a Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson spoke about cyber attacks on a direct note. The 57-year-old stated that Britain needs to boost its capacity to conduct cyber attacks and must also conduct digital invasions on foreign nations.

“As the cyber power is evolving on a greater note, we also need to bring changes in the way we are dealing with the attacks said the Honorable Minister who was hinting at the cyber wars that were taking in the digital space at the moment. The way we are dealing with the situation is just like we used air power almost 100 years ago,” said Johnson on Saturday last week.

Speaking at the review meeting held at Parliament for National Security, Johnson also disclosed his mind on shrinking the size of the armed forces personnel as most of the warfare was going in the cyberspace. That’s true, as the country has invested heavily on aircraft’s and nuclear weapons and has short-sized its ground forces (70K) to cut the annual spending on military and invest the same in economic and welfare reforms.

Cementing his statement, Mr. Johnson said that his government was the first ever administration to spend $59 billion or 2.5% of national income, on defense sector that is the largest ever spent by any country in the European Union.

But don’t you think it is far below from the 3.5 percent of annual income spent by the White House of United States in the same sector.

Note- A National Cyber Force(NCF) is said to witness a regional development outside London as it is planning to establish a permanent base in Northern England that includes spies, defense officials and research scientists. Established in Nov’2020 from the package of £16.5 billion meant as a spend to boost cyber security of the entire nation, NCF will be to keep a track of Britain’ populace who turn suspicious and have links with criminals and terrorists. The unit will also act as an information-sharing point for public and private entities that have become victims to state funded cyber attacks.

Naveen Goud
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