Britain hospitals to be cyber attacked by Russian Sleeper cells


Dr. Melanie Garson, an international security specialist working for the University College of London, expressed her deep concerns about national security while interacting with a news web resource.

She said that hospital infrastructure was on the verge of being cyber-attacked by Russian sleeper cells, whose aim is to disrupt the healthcare infrastructure and to create panic among patients and their near & dear.

Melanie claims that a hacking group named Killnet, supposed to be funded by Kremlin, was threatening to hit the ventilators operating for NHS, after the arrest of a cyber crook working for a pro-Russian hacking organization.

As the threat was posted on a Telegram group, Dr. Garson expressed more concern as it was going in lines of the 2017 Wannacry Ransomware attack that crippled the IT infrastructure of the NHS to the core.

In another story linked to a Russian hacking group named Coldriver, information is now out that the said notorious hacking group was involved in stealing email content pertaining to former MI6 Director Sir Richard Dearlove, Gisela Stuart, and Robey Tombs between Aug’18 to July 2019.

According to an investigation launched by Reuters, Coldriver was the group behind the leak of Terra May’s Brexit campaign in early 2020, officially known as the ‘Clean’ EU Exit deal. The group was assigned the job of tarnishing the image of May in the political circuit that paved the way to the election of Boris Johnson.

Now, Coldriver’s are launching phishing attacks on Ukraine officials to steal vital details related to military help, financial help and essential supply made to the Zelensky-led country from foreign nations.

Their aim is to discover the data and publish it in the media to malign the sympathy image gained by Ukraine in the international field after the Russian invasion.


Naveen Goud
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