British Airways takes help of AI for Flight Departures


For the first time in the history of Air Travel, noted airliner British Airways (BA) as declared that it will be using Artificial Intelligence technology integrated with video evidence to improve the punctuality in flight departures and airside operations.

And as a part of this objective, the UK’s Airliner has made a phase 1 investment of 6.5 Billion pounds for customers to seek the services of advanced neural networks at the Heathrow Terminal 5 to help customers reach their destinations on time by ensuring that the flights follow all of the 19 departure parameters checked before a take-off within few minutes and not in contrary to hours which is being observed now.

Technically speaking, the ground staff of BA manually keeps a tab and records details of over 19 different activities such as a plane departs on its next journey. This includes cleaning of interiors of a flight, reloading and unloading the food-catering equipment, Luggage and cargo upload, refueling the plane and such.

As any disruption in these tasks will affect the departure of a flight, the BA wants to automate all these tasks with machine learning tools integrated with the on-premises CCTV cameras. Once an anomaly is found in the operation, a message alert is sent to the in-charge manager who in-turn looks into the issue and solves it on an immediate note.

Technology start-up Assaia will be assisting BA in this AI initiative and has already helped the airliner by installing 4 high-end cameras at three stands at the Heathrow Terminal 5. As the cameras will help the staff in collecting info on each aircraft entering the terminal, the operation is said to obtain higher efficiency in a positive tone from now on.

On average, around 900 flights are being operated through Heathrow airport on a daily note and have been assisting over 148,000 customers to punctually reach their destinations daily.

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