China email hack on Microsoft Exchange victimizes 50 companies

China cyber attack on Microsoft Business email Exchange server has resulted in claiming over 60,000 victims on a global note, says an update provided by the tech giant led by Mr. Satya Nadella.

A US Cybersecurity firm has confirmed that its researchers are busy in investigating the incident that resulted in the disruption of over 50 victims and the count is till going on.

Former senior security official who was in charge of the National Cybersecurity wing under Trump Administration said that most of the victims appear to SMBs whose network was intercepted by the threat actors through Exchange Server vulnerabilities.

According to a post released by Microsoft last week, a Chinese hacking group named ‘Hafnium’ might have been involved in the breach of private and government computer networks by exploiting the Exchange Email Software.

The Redmond based company has already issued a statement last week that a fix to the vulnerability was available and urged all network admins to download it to avoid any future troubles.

European Banking authority that used to use Microsoft Exchange Server to pass on critical information among its network users has confirmed that a preliminary inquiry has confirmed data compromise of its customers to a certain extent.

Huntress, a firm that keeps a tab on data security of its customers stated that Exchange server hack has resulted in a compromise of information of some nationalized banks, electricity providers and senior citizen homes and a renowned ice cream company.

To those uninitiated, White house has taken a wholesome responsibility of investigating the intrusion to the core and has sought certain technical details from Microsoft to assess and address the impact and effect on the tech giant customers.

Naveen Goud
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