Cyber Attack creates a shortage of Cat Food in the UK!

Britain is said to facing a crisis of cat food shortage due to a cyber attack targeting one of its biggest suppliers named Royal Canin. And per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the attack is said to affect the supply till the end of next month as the company hopes to full fill orders or restock shelves by September 23rd,2017.

On June 7th,007, a ransomware attack forced the France based company Royal Canin to shut down its production due to digital chaos. As a result of the disruption in its production units, the company couldn’t fulfill the orders of British suppliers on time.

According to a report published in Daily Mail, the shortage has been reported across the UK and the Home Counties as almost all pet shop owners have exhausted the supplies.

One Pet Shop owner from Sydenham, South London who prefers to be anonymous said that her business is likely to face 2-3 weeks wait for the kitten food, as the sales staff of Royal Canin are in a helpless condition to restore the stock supply of this month.

Another company named James Wellbeloved which is well known to supply dog food is also thought to be affected and is said to restore stocks after two weeks.

Note 1- Royal Canin was established by French Vet Jean Cathary in 1968 and is known to sell dry food to pets which include cats and dogs.

In a press release issued this afternoon, Royal Canin said that its production is back to full capacity and so expects to restore the supply chain to normalcy by early September.

The company added in its press statement that its prime concern was to guarantee that rigorous food safety and traceability standards are being followed in the preparation of dog food in its production units. And it stated that the attack has created some technical issues in its production units which it expects to solve by this month end. 

However, Royal Canin is confident that the production will come to normalcy within a fortnight and so expects to hit the shelves of supermarkets with stock by the end of September.

Note 2-  On June 27th,2017, a ransomware attack called NotPetya targeted more than 65,000 computers working across Europe and Ukraine. Hackers succeeded in exploiting the machines due to a flaw in Windows Operating systems.

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