Cyber Attack news which is trending now on Google


1.) Dubai British School based in Jumeirah Park, Gulf claims that it became a victim to a cyber attack which compromised the email database of the educational institute for a few hours of time last week. But the British Educational Institute also added in its statement that all necessary action has been taken to preserve the sanctity of data related to students and parent’s info.

Note- Dubai British School is a 2005 established internationally recognized British school which offers education to students aged between 3 to 18. It is located in the springs, Emirates Hills, Dubai and is being managed by a Middle East Educational Group called ‘Taleem’.

Clive Pierrepont, the Communications Consultant of Taleem confirmed the news and said that the attack was a phishing genre where hackers used password spraying technique to compromise email accounts.

2.) Coming to the second cyber attack news which is currently trending now on Google, Facebook (FB) has made it official that it has resolved the glitch that exposed over millions of user passwords to over 20,000 of Facebook employees.

Technically speaking, the Mark Zuckerberg led company was reportedly storing passwords in readable text format to be accessed by its employees for administrative reasons since 2012.
It was when KrebsOnSecurity blog alerted the world last week about the ongoing malpractice; the world’s leading social media giant corrected the flaw in the last weekend by encrypting the info of more.

News is out that FB used to allow its employees to have internal access to over 600 million user passwords in order to audit the content which is being posted by users on their respective accounts.

Facebook also officially announced in the last weekend that its regular security audit did point out the presence of a flaw in January this year. But for some reason, the issue couldn’t be resolved then itself.

FB plans to notify the users of Facebook Lite and Instagram about the security blunder from this month end and might also urge them to change their passwords.

3.) Pwn2Own Contest is currently trending on Google news for the fact that a researcher’s duo has hacked Tesla’s Model 3 cars on the last day of the 2019 hacking contest which was held in Vancouver, Canada last week.

Getting further into details, a hacking team named Fluoroacetate which comprised Amat Cama and Richard Zhu is said to have hacked a Tesla car via its browser with the help of JIT bug induced into the car’s firmware.

And as per the contest rules, the hacker’s duo has earned a reward of $35,000 for breaking into the car’s firmware and will also be allowed to keep the Tesla Model 3 car which was used in the experiment.

Elon Musk-led company has already taken note of the flaw and is said to release a software update by next month end that is set to fully address the research.

Additionally, Team Fluoroacetate also won the 3-day contest after earning 36 “Master of Pwn” points for finding exploits in Apple Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, VMware Workstation and Windows 10.

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