Cyber Attack threat from North Korea worries the government of United States!


North Korea is planning to launch nuclear missiles in the United States if the relationship between the two nations deteriorates under the regime of Trump Presidency. But US officials and outside experts are worried that the rogue nation could unleash its resentment in the form of cyber attacks even before exhibiting its nuclear power.

The readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify over here that the intelligence officials of USA have long ranked North Korea as their nation’s most dangerous cyber enemy as it mastered the techniques to launch cyber attacks that could disable corporate networks, steal money from banks and potentially disrupt critical infrastructure. The cyber attack on Sony Pictures which took place in the year 2014 further helped in strengthening the claims made by the US intelligence officials.

Experts now say that North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong UN can exhibit the same techniques to inflict harm not just on one company, but on the entire American Economy.

Dmitri Alperovitch, the Co-Founder of security firm Crowdstrike says that North Korea has the potential to escalate tensions via cyber space by disrupting the financial sector of United States through cyber attacks.

Dmitri added that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has mastered those skills by practicing it on its South Korean counterpart.

US Law enforcement and homeland security have already disclosed in their June 13’s security report that hackers funded by Kim Jong Un have been targeting the media, aerospace, finance and all critical infrastructure sectors in the United States. They also disclosed the name of the state funded hacking group as “Hidden Cobra” also known as “Lazarus”.

So, Trump Government believes that North Korea might intensify its cyber attacks to bring a kind of instability into its political landscape pretty soon.

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