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To those entire using Windows 10 mobile here’s an update that needs your immediate attention. As Microsoft has failed to bring the whole world onto its Windows 10 Mobile platform, it has decided to end its support to those using windows 10 OS loaded mobile from early next year.

So, for all of them, Microsoft will be offering a Dec’19 mobile security patch which will be passed on to their mobile phones from Tuesday this week. And beyond that, no support will be offered to the mobile.

Therefore, all the Win 10 Mobile users are requested to go for the update being provided on December 10th, 2019 failing which their mobile device might fall prey to hackers.

Also, there is bad news to those who are still using a Windows phone loaded with an 8.1 OS version. News is out that after December 16th, 2019 these users will not be allowed to download any app from the mobile play store.

In other news related to cyberattack, KHQ-TV an affiliate to NBC Television is said to have become a victim of a sophisticated cyber-attack last week. As a result of this, the broadcast journalists are said to give restored to a technical workaround for videos and are seen busy reading paper scripts related to newscasts since 4:30 am on Sunday. Therefore, on-screen graphics and video content were rationalized due to the disruption.

As the company targeted the company’s software we are being forced to prepare local newscasts on a manual note says Patricia McRae, President of KHQ, Inc.

Washington based news outlet KHQ has reported the cyber attack to the FBI and has taken the help of a third party to investigate the incident.

Some sources report that the attack was of a ransomware variant and so the backup data is being used to keep the data continuity services to the news station intact.

Meanwhile, Bio-Rad Laboratories which is into the manufacturing of clinical diagnostic products to the market has disclosed on Friday that it has become a victim of a ransomware attack early last week.

California based firm Bio-Rad Laboratories made it official about the file-encrypting malware attack in the Form 8-K filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and admitted that its customers might be experiencing a delay while placing orders for Bio-Rad systems.

“As of now, we have taken down all Bio-Rad systems offline and are busy validating each one”, said Norman David Schwartz, the CEO of Bio-Rad.

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