Facebook Ad Data and FinSpy Malware Surveillance


Facebook which recently faced a $6 billion penalty from the US Government for showing laxity in dealing with user data is making all efforts to win back the trust of its patrons.

As a part of this initiative, the social media giant has decided to let its users know from where the advertisement firms promoting on its Facebook pages are getting the details.

That means, from now on users can click on the ‘i’ icon of the ad to know why where they targeted by those brands and from where the company got your data to target your account with relevant content.

On Saturday last week, Mark Zuckerberg’s company claimed that it is going to soon update its ad preferences which will allow users to know why the ad was getting displayed on their web page and how did the promoting company target them?

‘Ad Preferences’ is a feature where companies can let the user on why they are seeing the ad on their web page or app. It was introduced almost 4 years ago and is now being practiced by almost all the tech companies in the business.

Facebook has decided to improve the feature further in order to provide some transparency after the Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting scandal which in 2017 turned into a data scandal related to US 2016 Polls.

Those who do not want to see certain ads can also go on a webpage to adjust their preferences.

Coming to the FinSpy Surveillance malware, Russia based Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has unveiled a new scam taking place in the dark world. The security experts from the said firm have uncovered new versions of FinSpy surveillance tools which are being induced into various messaging apps operating on Android and iOS devices.

Kaspersky experts say that the said malware has the ability to spy or monitor the activity of almost all popular messaging services like WhatsApp, Signal, Viber, Telegram and Skype.

Furthermore, this spying tool also allows hackers to ex-filtrate data such as GPS Location, Messages, Pictures, calls, and notes.

Naveen Goud
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