Facebook to welcome Facial Recognition and say goodbye to passwords!


World renowned social media giant Facebook has decided to say goodbye to passwords as it has decided to allow its users access their respective accounts using a scan of their face. The feature which is being tested on a small number of users, for now, will be made available on a default note to all the 2 billion Facebook users by mid next year. The idea is to say goodbye to text and email verification driven passwords and to offer access to the service with a Facial Recognition (FR) system.

Facebook is said to use the FR technology in the following way-It will allow users to hold their phone up to their face and will then scan their face and compare the image to photos and videos on the site. Images which match to the account could get further access to the account and those which do not will be locked for verification.

Facebook’s aim is to weed out fake accounts through the service and to offer its users an easy access to their accounts via FR.
In the initial stage of implementing this project, Facebook is planning to offer this feature as an option and only on devices which are being used to log-in. Later on, depending on the success of the project, the social media giant is planning to make it a mandatory security access feature to all its users.

Last year, Facebook has purchased Facial Recognition software offering firm called FacioMetrics. The plan was to integrate the technology into its platform for secure logins.

Probably, Facebook is trying to use the newly acquired technology now to offer to its users a secure mode of access which is free from hacking related cyber threats.

Note- Apple has already bought the new flagship technology to its iPhone X users and Facebook is intending to take the technology to the next level.

Naveen Goud
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