Facebook working with Intel on AI Chips


Facebook, the world’s leading social networking giant is said to be working on AI chips in association with renowned silicon wafer manufacturing company Intel. The plan is to launch a silicon chip which has the ability to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work and tag friends in Facebook photos in an automated note.

As Intel has dominated the processor market for years, Facebook seems to have decided to use the R&D of the semiconductor company to envision all its future business objectives. So, it made an official announcement at the CES 2019 in this regard and said that the processors are already in the trial stage.

Coming to the CES 2019 the technology show which is taking place in Las Vegas, almost every product in display seems to have AI intelligence incepted into it. From digital assistants to self-driving cars and from A-rated products to computing devices, everything seems to be enriched with AI.

Facebook is likely to call its AI enabled chips ‘Inference’ – a process of taking AI algorithms and putting it to use, for example by tagging friends in photos automatically.

In another major announcement made at CES 2019, Intel has demonstrated its first Ice Lake 10 nm Processors that will be based in Sunny Cove Microarchitecture. The American company has also made it official that it is going to build Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6 and DL Boost( deep learn Boost) into these Ice Lake Chips and will be launching PCs and Laptops loaded with the hardware by the end of 2019- great news for gamers and App developers.

Wonder how AMD and NVIDIA will plan to tackle the competition to serve the AI field with highly sophisticated and customized processors…?

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