Godfather of AI quits Google to save the world


Geoffrey Hinton, who is known to the world as Godfather of AI has made an official an-nouncement that he will quit his position at Google for the betterment of humans from the de-velopments of the technology. Mr. Hinton released a video to the world, where he is seen tell-ing to the world that he has taken the decision to blow the whistle against the technology.

Hinton who has an amazing track record of inventing and introducing neural networks shaped from Artificial Intelligence technology supported the words spoken by Tesla Chief Elon Musk last month; about bringing in some controls on the way the AI tech is being developed.
Expressing his regrets over his life’s work, the 75-year-old British Canadian induced some fuel to the ongoing Silicon Valley civil war, that’s intensifying day by day- especially between Mi-crosoft and the Twitter owner.

Among his concern is the likeliness of chatbots becoming super talented in thinking and sur-passing the minds of humans within no time. Also, the veteran is concerned that the tech can be misused by some political stalwarts resulting in an end of humanity on this globe. Thus, giving us a hint on Russia’s possibility to introduce AI propelled robots into its war with Ukraine and the aftermath, that is overwhelming to imagine.

Going forward with another topic linked to AI, the National Cyber Security Centre has raised an alarm that pro-Russian hackers (Killnet) could launch an AI propelled cyber attack to disrupt Eurovision to be held next week.

Since, Ukraine was declared as the winner of the song contest of 2022, the Eurovision organiz-ers raised their concern that the Song contest’s voting system can be targeted by hacktivists in retaliation to last year’s winner announcement.

NOTE- In the year 2022, the cyber win of Italian police cleverly thwarted a cyber attack from the hackers launched on the competition in Turin. The attack incidentally took place when Ka-lush Orchestra, representing Ukraine was performing. And as the British security forces already issued a tip-off on the deed, the cyber win was active enough to neutralize the affect.

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