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Firstly, it is the US Department of Defense which is topping the headlines when it comes to cyber-attacks. News is out that the systems related to Defense Information Systems Agency(DISA) affiliated to DoD have been hacked the incident reportedly exposed personal data of more than 200,000 people.

DISA is the agency that looks into the operations related to military communications and white house and it includes calls and web traffic monitoring of US President Donald Trump.

It has to be notified over here that data related to names and social security numbers were also exposed to hackers during the incident and this was confirmed to the correspondent related to BBC.

Coming to the second news which is trending on Google and related to Cyber Attack, UK’s National Cyber Security Center shortly acclaimed as NCSC has discovered that the cyber attack carried out on over 2000 websites in Georgia was carried out by hackers working for Russian Military Intelligence agency- GRU.

Law enforcement agencies from the UK and the US formed a team to investigate the 2019 cyberattack launched in the country of Georgia. And the Russian involvement in the attack was confirmed by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab who described the incident as “totally unacceptable”.

Thirdly, a cyber attack on INA Group which happens to be Croatia’s biggest oil company having the largest petrol station chain is said to have disrupted some business operations of the company.

INA has confirmed that the incident took place on the Valentines’ day of this year at 22:00 hours local time and was a CLOP ransomware attack variant.

No disruption was reported on the fuel station transactions related to payment and fuel dispense. However, a source reports that the company’s backend servers were deeply encrypted by the file-encrypting malware.

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