Hackers launch Cyber Attacks on UK Plastic Surgery Clinics to extort money

Last week, a hacking group named TSAR team launched a cyber attack on plastic surgery clinics operating in the UK and are threatening to leak all the photos of the celebrities and high profile clients who went for cosmetic surgeries.

As per our sources, the attack took place on a series of renowned clinics operating in the UK. But the staff of these clinics isn’t ready to share the attack details with the media for obvious reasons.

But as per a report published in UK’s news resource Daily Mail, one of the victims of this cyber attack happens to be a clinic named  Grozio Chirurgija where a wide range of high profile celebrities often visits to shape out their bodies as per their desire.

The news resource suggests that more than 75,000 photos of some high profile clients from Lithuania were leaked to the dark web by the hackers.

Another UK’s news resource adds that photos and patient details of Kaunas-based Grozio Chirurgija clinics are now available on the dark web for free.

The leak includes intimate photos and data of more than 1500 brits before and after their body correction surgeries.

The hacking group named Tsar Team took hold of the data early this year when it broke into the servers of the clinics. Then it somehow analyzed the photos belonging to celebrities from Germany, Denmark, Norway and the UK and now are demanding 2000 pounds for not leaking the data to the public.

The police say the hackers released few photos in March and made the rest of the database available to the public from early this week.

Andzejus Raginskis, Deputy Chief of Lithuania’s Criminal Police Bureau said that his firm received more than 7,000 complaints ( mostly from celebrities) who reported that they were being blackmailed by hackers for a specific ransom. The complainants quoted in their statements that they were asked to pay or else their intimate photos and some videos of their body correction surgeries will be leaked online.

A few hours ago, Lithuania-based Lrytas TV aired a report saying that hackers obtained the uncensored ‘before and after’ photos of patients who underwent cosmetic surgeries at different clinics in the UK. The news resource confirmed that based Grozio Chirurgija was one of the victims and the hack was done to earn money by blackmailing the victims.

The news resource added that the victims are been told to pay up an initial amount of 2k pounds to guarantee that their nude images and surgery videos, passport copies, social security numbers and other data would not be made public.

Last week, the hackers demanded all victimized clinics pay up €334,000 as ransom each to prevent data dumping on dark web.
Since all clinics refused, the hackers are now emailing each and every patient and are sending their uncensored surgery photographs via email for authentication to get paid.

The law enforcement officials have already issued a warning to people who downloaded and stored the stolen data that they will also be prosecuted if found guilty. They are also strongly discouraging the victims from paying the ransom and said that the police have succeeded in tracking down the hackers and arrests will be made by this weekend.

Naveen Goud
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