IBM and Cisco announce a partnership to tackle threats related to Cloud Security


Tech giants IBM and Cisco have announced a joint partnership to help cloud customers tackle growing threats in cyberspace. Thus, by offering a platform to share threat intelligence and develop technology integrations, both the companies promise to reduce the time to detect and mitigate risks related to cloud security.

In a recent press release made by IBM, the company disclosed that Cisco is ready to tie up its security solutions into IBM’s QRadar security intelligence platform. The integration will help in bolstering security across networks, endpoints and cloud environments.

As per the press release, the 1st two applications produced through the partnerships will help security teams across the globe to understand and respond to advanced threats. IBM disclosed that the applications will now on be available on its Security App Exchange.

On an additional note, Cisco has planned to integrate its Threat Grid to IBM’s Resilient Incident Response Platform. This will help customers get insights on threats which will then help in accelerating the response time to react to such threats.

Last week, IBM announced that it is going to integrate its X-Force threat intelligence team with Cisco Talos to work on new research projects which include intelligence exchange on the recent WannaCry Ransomware Attack.

On announcing the partnership, Cisco offered a reference to a self-commissioned survey in which it had questioned 3k chief security officers. The networking giant said that the survey discovered that more than 65% of organizations were typically using 6-50 different security products which lead to complexities for the security teams.

Cisco’s new partnership with IBM is said to reduce the above-said complexities by automating threat response with greater speed and accuracy. The partnership is said to help cloud customers tackle all sorts of security concerns with ease.

Naveen Goud
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