IBM launches SkillsBuild Cybersecurity program for 9k military veterans of Australia


As a part of ‘Veterans Employment Program’, the Australian Government is launching a SkillsBuild program for former defense personnel and their families that will offer learning opportunity to participants to gain skills in areas related to cloud administration, Cybersecurity, data management and web development.

IBM will offer the SkillsBuild Initiative in advocacy with ‘Soldier On’ that presents a unique opportunity to military veterans to learn and get success in digital skills.

To fulfill this program to the core, the Australian government under the leadership of Mr. Morrison will invest $1.6 billion into the said Cybersecurity initiative- all to protect the economy and the businesses that are struggling to thwart cyber attacks launched by state-funded actors.

Morrison shared his insights on the SkillsBuild program and stated that the initiative has been taken to address the digital skills gap, especially in the field of Cybersecurity.

As the program will also help the veterans in transforming their careers from military to IT, the upskilling program will also offer them a chance to connect with workplaces and the jobs based on their skills.

IBM will also offer a mentorship program at a certain phase where the trainees will be meeting real-world challenges on the projects specially assigned to them by IBM talent.

Note 1- Since May’19, the Australian Intelligence openly disclosed that their election infrastructure was being intercepted by a Chinese hacking group on a digital note. Linda Reynolds, the Minister for Australian Defense, confirmed the news and reiterated the fact that hackers never succeeded in their intentions.

Note 2- In June 2020, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that all the federal websites and some belonging to the private sector were down because of a state-funded attack. And in July 2020, Mr. Morrison made it official that his country will take adequate measures to avoid such cyber attacks in future like launching cyber attacks back on the targets in retaliation and penalizing companies that show laxity in securing the data belonging to their users on a respective note.

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