Iran to launch cyber attacks on US firms in retaliation for nuclear deal withdrawal


Iran is set to launch cyber attacks on firms operating in the United States in retaliation to the latest order of Donald Trump on imposing sanctions on the nation after withdrawing from the nuclear deal. The plan is to deter other countries from imposing sanctions on a further note, and at the same time make Trump re-think the issue.

Sources from the Telegraph say that 50 hackers have been hired for this purpose and have been asked to target mainly financial and energy firms along with government infrastructure. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a video statement issued a few hours ago that his government is set to back Iran’s Atomic Organization with Uranium reserves. Means the nation is planning something severely destructive on the west.

A cybersecurity firm named Recorded Future has issued a public statement which says Iran will be launching destructive cyber attacks in just a couple of weeks- all in retaliation to Trump’s nuclear deal withdrawal order issued on Tuesday and to deter nations like France, United Kingdom, and Germany from joining Trump’s envision.

Iran’s entry into digital arms race started in 2012 when it launched state-sponsored attacks on the database of energy company Saudi Aramco damaging more than 30,000 files and displaying the image of a burning flag of US on one of them. The attack took place in the form of malware attack called Shamoon which succeeded in overwriting files on 30K machines on the network of the specified company located in Saudi Arabia. Soon after a similar malware attack took place on Qatar Gas firm named RasGas.

Now, Iran might launch a similar attack on the critical infrastructure of the United States and on firms located in other countries of West.
National Security Agency(NSA) of United States added in its fresh statement that Iran appears to be learning some of the tactics from hacking operations launched on the country by NSA at some point in time.

Hope, someone from White House and the Pentagon have taken a note of the upcoming danger from Iranian Cyber Attacks and will take necessary steps to safeguard the integrity of the nation and its populace.

Naveen Goud
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