Japan to invest $237.12 million in Artificial Intelligence to counter Cyber Attacks


The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Japan has confirmed that it is going to invest over 25.6 billion Yen or $237.12 million in USD to develop Artificial Intelligence-based tools to counter cyber attacks.

Japan aims to develop an all-inclusive AI system that can detect malevolent emails, respond to cyberattacks in an automated way through machine learning skills and eventually neutralize the effect of attacks on public and private sector targets.

The MoD is also planning to procure a Cyber Information Gathering System for $31.5 million resourceful to gather tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) or to adhere to Self-Defense Forces (SDF).

Highly placed sources say that the government of Japan woke up to a digital alert when a massive scale Cyber Attack was launched on Mitsubishi Electric by a hacking group from China.

Some media resources from Japan reported on an international note that some critical info about MoD and Nuclear Regulation Authority was accessed and stolen by hackers in the attack. Furthermore, digital documents related to private firms, railway operators and a car manufacturer visionary approach for the year 2022 were also reportedly accessed by the threat actors.

To prevent such attacks any further on public and private entities, Japan’s MoD has now initiated measures to thwart such attacks shortly. And as a plan to strategize a framework to defend the critical infrastructure from cyber attacks the company

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