North Korea, China, and Russia to launch Hyper War says NATO

NATO, the Inter-Governmental Military Alliance has predicted that the world is on the verge of witnessing World War 3 in the form of a ‘Hyper War’- a cyber war triggered by Artificial Intelligence. The Belgium based organization also went ahead and named North Korea, China, and Russia as nations working on this objective.

General Petr Pavel, the Chairman of NATO Military Committee said that chances of winning such a high tech global conflict are bleak unless Nations in West join forces to thwart such attacks.

Releasing NATO’s Four Yearly Risk report, Petr Pavel confirmed that North Korea’s nukes could potentially trigger World War 3 on a digital note by taking the help of artificial intelligence and data mining sieved from defense applications.

The report said that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, neuro-linguistic programming, virtual reality, and augmented reality are being included by the cyber army of North Korea to launch a sophisticated battle in cyberspace which could trigger a devastating digital damage which will go beyond our estimate.

NATO’s Cyber Threat report adds that some nations are seeking the help of the potential advances in quantum computing that will create a conflict environment in which the decision-action loop will compress dramatically from days and hours to minutes and seconds or even less. All this is said to trigger an innovatively new conflict- the advent of atomic weaponry.

NATO also predicts that Russia which spends twice on defense than the UK is soon going to trigger a new cold war using espionage and cyber warfare to destabilize its adversaries of West. And China could come with something more advanced than Russia when it comes to evolving cyber threats in near future.

General Denis Mercier, the Supreme Allied Commander of Transformation said that NATO is/will be under a permanent attack in Cyberworld. He added that the alliance had proved quite good at protecting itself so far, but needed to be more vigilant in future.

Naveen Goud
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