North Korea to use Russian internet to carry out Cyber Attacks


North Korea state-funded hackers are now using the internet services of a Russian firm named TransTeleCom from Sunday this week. The plan is to carry out cyberattacks on a large scale by routing traffic to the Russian ISP.

In recent years, North Korea and its leader Kim Jong UN has been blamed for cyber attacks launched in western countries. This includes attacks launched on banks, SONY pictures and on NHS of Britain.

Although Pyongyang has denied any involvement, United States CIA in coordination with FBI has issued a public statement on this issue stating that North Korea’s state-funded actors were involved in many major cyber attacks launched by the US government and they have full proof which proves the said rogue nation as the culprit.

Bryce Boland, the CTO of FireEye-Asia Pacific said that the new Russian connection will help North Korea enhance its ability to command future cyber attacks.

A spokesperson from TransTeleCom agreed about the new development and added that it was taking place as a part of an agreement signed by his company with Korea Posts and Telecommunications Corp in 2009.

DYN Research which keeps a track of international internet traffic flows said that it has evidence that North Korean web traffic routing is taking place from Russian telecommunication company TransTeleCom since about 0908 GMT on Sunday.

DYN added in its public statement that the Russian ISP is now handling roughly 70 percent of North Korean Internet traffic, while Unicom is transmitting the remaining percentage.

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