PayPal survey confirms that Australians are ignoring Mobile Security


American company PayPal which supports digital currency payments and transfers has discovered in the latest survey that Australians are completely ignoring mobile security features, despite the fact that 67% of them use mobile phones for their shopping needs.

As per the PayPal research titled mCommerce Index Trends Report Aussies are immensely addicted to their mobile phones with 64% of them not going anywhere without their device. The research also reveals that most of them are addicted to mobile shopping and 22% of them have already experienced fraudulent transactions. The research also revealed that 25% of survey respondents either experienced loss or theft of their mobile phone in past two years. This not only ups the vulnerability graph of the users but also reflects the negligent attitude of Aussies towards mobile security.

And despite the breaches of mobile security, 49% of them admit that they are truly concerned about mobile security.

PayPal research also revealed that tech savvy millennia’s in the age group of 18-34 are least likely to have security features activated on their mobiles and the reason is due to the lack of awareness among them.

What’s more astonishing to find in this PayPal survey is that more than 50% of mobile shoppers believe that it isn’t their responsibility to ensure the security of their financial transactions done through their mobile. Means, they either want the shopping website to take care of the security part or want the financial institution supplying mobile wallets to take the initiative.

Therefore, with a third of respondents believing that Australian businesses are responsible for shopper’s financial details, it’s high time for shopping companies to invest on secure payment gateways and platform in order to provide the best mobile shopping experience to their customers.

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