Ransomware Attack on Crosby International School District IT systems


Crosby International School District (ISD), a public school district based on Harris County, Texas is said to have become a victim of a ransomware attack on a recent note. Reliable sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that a malware attack which took place at 10:30 am on Sunday has locked the IT systems database from access since two days and the hackers are demanding a hefty ransom in bitcoins to provide the decryption key.

The news is out that the entire IT infrastructure of the school district is suffering from the malware attack which has blocked access to the technology which includes telephone services as well. So, the officials across the campus are using cell phone services to keep in touch and get updated over the developments related to the technology disruptions.

As of now, Crosby ISD Officials have assured that the ransomware cyber attack did not lead to any data breach or compromise any confidential information.

Law enforcement authorities and a third party cyber security company have been pressed into service to investigate the cyber incident.

Note- Crosby ISD is known to serve Barrett, Crosby, and Highlands. Dr. Scott Davis is the Superintendent of this school district which was founded before the turn of 20th century. As the school is going through extreme financial crisis, it chose to lay off over 34 employees in Oct’19 which includes 14 teaches. In May 2019, the school district is planning to change its Pre-Kindergarten program to a half-day program instead of a full-time program- all due to the ongoing financial crisis.

Naveen Goud
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