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NHS Ransomware attack news has been trending on the Google search engine for the past few days and, as per some report’s security experts, believe that the recovery from the ransomware attack might at least a month for the NHS. As most of the records supplied by Advanced software company like Adastra- a patient management software and eFinancials- a finance management software was deeply infected.

The details of the malware infection emerged when NHS launched an inquiry on the disruption of NHS 111 servers, a medical advice related telephone & online service that is rendered to patients in urgency.

UK government is busy investigating the incident and has taken the issue seriously, as it has disrupted services related to ambulance dispatching, patient referrals, appointment bookings, emergency prescriptions severely.

Second is the news related to a SOVA software that has added ransomware capabilities to itself to evolve into a malicious software that encrypts files on mobile devices.

It is revealed that the malware has taken down over 200 banking and crypto currency targets till date and is aiming to siphon sensitive data from the user’s browser cookies. It blocks the victim from uninstalling by remaining concealed.

Mobile Security firm Cleafy has been tracking down SOVA since Sept’2021 and confirms that the malware has developed into a new malicious software since March this year. By adding 2FA interception, cookie steal, taking screenshots, performing clicks and swipes, copy and pasting files and mainly targeting Gmail, GPay and Google Password manager with substantial code refactoring tactics.

Third is the news related to a new threat actor SolidBit that is actively promoting Ransomware as a service and is interested in recruiting new affiliates via the dark web. Security researchers from CloudSEK have discovered that the group is only interested in taking control of corporate networks and has launched a new ransomware variant with the same name.

Fourth is the news related to 7-Eleven convenience stores that issued a public statement via Facebook confirming a hacker attack on its servers. According to the 7-Eleven Denmark statement, the store that is operating as a business chain was hit by a ransomware group in the early hours of Monday morning. Coincidently, the malware attack took place on the day when the business completed 8 years of operations and that’s really disappointing.

On August 14th, 2022 OneTouchPoint, fondly known as OTP, issued a public statement confirming a ransomware attack that took place on its servers on April 28th, 2022. After the investigation, it was determined that hackers stole details such as individual names, member IDs, and health related info from the servers of OTP. However, there is no valid proof that the siphoned data was used for malicious purposes till date.


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