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    If you thought Windows 11 operating system machines were safe from Ransomware, then you better think twice before concluding. As information is out that those spreading Magniber Ransomware are after Windows 11 Machines and have targeted around a hundred by now.

    According to a research conducted by 360 Total Security, Magniber ransomware attacks have increased significantly since May 25th of this year. It’s estimated that the infection spread has increased multifold on Win 11 systems that received infection through windows update downloaded while visiting gaming or X rated websites…..now that’s interesting….isn’t it?

    Currently, those spreading Magniber are demanding 0.09 Bitcoins and the time frame they are putting is five days. And if the victim cannot pay the demanded sum on time, then the ransom payment will be doubled up.

    Second is the news related to ransomware attack that targeted servers related to Costa Rican Social Security Fund, Unified Digital Health System, and Centralized Tax Collection databases.

    What’s surprising about this attack is that it was launched by Conti Ransomware group, which announced a few days ago that it is shutting down its systems.

    Thus with the latest announcement, the number of victims from the ransomware attacks has increased to 7 as in May this year the said file encrypting malware gang disrupted server operations of The Finance Ministry, The Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunication, The Labor and Social Security Ministry, The Social Development and Family Allowances Fund, The National Meteorological Institute, the Inter University Headquarters of Alajuela and now the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

    What so ever are consequences, Costa Rican Government has refused to pay the $10 million ransom to Conti.

    Third is the news related to noted clothing brand Hannes that experienced a ransomware attack on May 24th, 2022. According to the latest update provided to SEC, Hannes experienced a ransomware attack at the end of last month and has notified the information commissioner and the law enforcement about the sophisticated cyber attack.

    Kirk Saville, the spokesperson for Hannes Brand, confirmed the news and said that the situation was brought under control within no time. However, he failed to provide a statement on whether the company paid any ransom to free up the data from encryption.


    Naveen Goud
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