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A mining firm shut down its operations in Southern British Columbia in order to contain the repercussions developed from a ransomware attack. The Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation is the firm that had to shut down its offices in Vancouver during the weekend as most part of its corporate computer network was held hostage by a file encrypting malware demanding millions to offer a decryption key.

The copper and precious metals mining company says that it is suspecting Lockbit ransomware group behind the incident. But chose to reveal confirmed details after thorough investigation.

In other news that is related to ransomware, but shows us the humanity side of the criminals is related to a Hospital for Sick Children. If we go into the details, as soon as the LockBit Ransomware gang learnt it encrypted the network of SickKids, they immediately apologized for the incident and handed over a free decryption key, showing us their kind heartedness.…. unbelievable… isn’t it?

Cybersecurity Insiders learnt that the attack took place on December 18th of last year, causing delays to diagnosis and treatment of patients. However, the criminals gang realized their mistake and returned the decryption key, thus helping the staff to restore their systems on priority.

Third is the news related to BlackCat Ransomware, also known as ALPHV. The ransomware gang has not only introduced an innovation into their threatening tactics but also implemented it in the new year.

As per the details available, Alphv hacked into the network of a financial company and stole their data. And as the victim failed to pay attention to their demands, they released the stolen details for sale on the dark web.

Not stopping by this deed, BlackCat also created a replication of the victim’s company website and published all the stolen data into the website, to surprise and gather logins from the web portal users.

Port of Lisbon, the busiest seaport in Europe, stated that it has reportedly become a victim of a cyber attack of ransomware genre. Portuguese News resource Publico made this news official and confirmed that the incident took place on the Christmas day, a week ago.

LockBit malicious software spreading gang is suspected behind the Christmas season attack and the ransom they are demanding is $1.5 million and that too they want the payment by January 18th of this year.


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