Russia celebrates 100th anniversary for Cyber Attacks

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President who is likely going to step down from his designation in Feb 2021 (because of health reasons) has congratulated the SVR, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service for completing its 100th anniversary on Sunday and urged them to focus more on Information Security.

The president also lauded the Moscow based SVR for protecting the populace from espionage and foreign digital invasions and indirectly praised them for launching a massive cyber attack on the federal agencies of the US Government.

After seeing the reaction of Mr. Putin, the Trump administration tried to quash down the rumors that Russian intelligence was behind the cyber attack against the US government in which the IT infrastructure of over 50 federal agencies could have been compromised as they were using the SolarWinds Software.

Mitt Romney stated that there is a high probability that United States might react to the digital response of Russia in a magnified way by launching attacks of higher magnitude. He also slammed the Trump admin for passing down the blame to China, as he claims to have evidence that Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation was behind the attack.

Meanwhile, security firm FireEye that is probing down the incident found that Russia could have compromised the computer networks of over 18,000 organizations as malicious codes was found in their networks. And among them data of nearly 56 firms was found to have been breached.

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, blamed Russia for the attack, followed by the intelligence committee of House of Representatives and Chairs of Senate.

Note- In what is known to Cybersecurity Insiders, the database of Cisco Inc is reported to have been severely compromised in the incident.

Naveen Goud
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