Russia launched multiple cyber attacks on Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest has experienced multiple numbers of cyber threats from Russian Federation and the reason is that Ukraine had fair enough of chances to win the competition through Kalush Orchestra.

Killnet hacking group that is being funded by Kremlin was assigned the duty to disrupt the servers of Eurovision to block Ukraine winning all the accolades. As Moscow has been banned from participating in the contest because of its invasion on the Zelenskyy led nation from February 2022, Killnet was assigned digitally by bringing down the whole of the contest.

After winning the semi-finals in Italy, Karun Orchestra was aiming for a win in the finale as it will not only give a morale boost to all the participants, but will bring in a lot of cheers into the populace of Ukraine who are currently busy battling with the soldiers of Putin.

The IT Company that has been assigned the task to looking into the digital operations of the online voting systems related to the singing contest have declared it officially, that they were registering fake web traffic onto their website and it could be a resultant of the constant Ddos threats emerging from hackers working for Russian Intelligence.

Good news is that the command center neutralized all such attacks, as they were already prepared to counter such attacks proactively.

On May 14th, 2022 Eurovision Singing Contest was held in Turin, Italy and the Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine won the title for its incredible song titled “Stefania”. Thus, with the latest achievement, Ukraine joined the list of countries that won the singing contest for the third time, i.e. in 2004, 2016 and in 2022.


Naveen Goud
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