Russian Military influenced US 2016 Polls with Cyber Attacks


All these days they were ‘n’ number of media speculations claiming Russian influence on US 2016 Polls. But now, as per an article posted by “ The Intercept” it proved that Russian military intelligence agency launched a cyberattack on a US company offering US Voting services and systems just hours before the election day.

The news site published in its post that Russian’s GRU launched a spear-phishing attack on a company that provided election software and hardware for US 2016 polls in August 2017 and then launched a second cyber attack just hours before the election i.e. November 8th, 2016. The series of attacks is said to have compromised at least a couple of top official accounts which leaked resourceful information to launch intensified attacks on a further note.

Intercept’s article referred the gist of a secret report compiled by NSA which was then forwarded to 44th US President Barack Obama on January 3rd, 2017.

The report says that the Russian hackers wanted to know more of US voter registration systems and so launched a series of attack on the organization which was organizing the election event.

GRU, which happens to be Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency is said to have hired foreign actors residing in different nations to launch the cyber attack. The 5-page report of NSA also says that the company which was cyber attacked by GRU is none other than a Florida-based company called VR Systems.

However, the NSA report published in The Intercept also has few sentences which say that NSA is aren’t sure that the efforts put by the Russian hackers yielded 100% successful results. The report further adds that NSA has no clue on what info was accessed by Russian military and how will it prove useful.

More details are awaited!

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