Air Strikes in retaliation to Cyber Attacks

Israel resorted to air strikes on a building located in Gaza Strip which the military forces claim to be housing Hamas Cyber Operatives. This was in retaliation to a cyber attack launched on Israel’s critical infrastructure last week this year. While there is no qualitative evidence that bomb attacks have really pinned down the Hamas […]

Israel to become a victim of Cyber Attack on April 7

A Hebrew based news resource Mako suggests that IT hub Israel could become a victim of an annual cyber attack which is reported to take place on April 7th of this year i.e on Sunday. The authenticity of this news is yet to be known. But the source suggests that the attack could also show […]

All about the secret Israeli cyber attack firm Candiru

We all know that Israel is a hub to a lot of IT technology and cybersecurity companies and startups. But can you believe that the region is also home to more than 120 companies which are into nefarious cyber activities? Well, these findings were revealed by a Tel Aviv based newspaper ‘The Marker’ which was […]

Iran says Israel launched Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack

As United States 45th President pronounced new stringent sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, the latter has accused Israel of launching Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack on its nationwide Telecommunication infrastructure.   “The Zionist regime with its record of using cyberweapons such as Stuxnet Computer Virus to harm Iran’s Telecommunications Infrastructure was observed recently”, said Mohammad Javad Azari […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) Edinburgh University online servers witnessed a disruption yesterday and sources report that the websites under the University’s online domain were crippled by a cyber attack during the freshers week. Jisc, the ISP of the said educational institution confirmed that there was indeed an attack on the organization’s domain. But failed to disclose any details […]

Israel firm which hacks iPhones triggers security fears for Apple Inc

NSO Group, an Israel based cyber surveillance company which is renowned to crack Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones has become a menace to the whole of Apple Inc, as reported by Forbes. Yes, you’ve read it right and the saga goes as follows- A 37-year old hacker who worked for NSO Group previously is said […]

Israeli soldiers fall prey to World Cup FIFA 2018 Score App conducting Espionage

Israel military has released a media statement today saying that scores of its soldiers have fallen prey to a notorious World Cup FIFA Football 2018 app which was actually meant to stream live scores.  But in reality, the app was conducting espionage on those who have downloaded it and over 100 soldiers from Israel is […]

Stuxnet Cyber Attack on Iran to be dramatized by HBO

Hollywood Box Office, well known as HBO in short, is all set to dramatize 2010 Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear installations by Israel in coordination with the United States. According to a source from HBO’s Creative team, a mini-series is already on paper and is based on ‘Zero Days’ an award-winning documentary made by […]

ISIL will shift its focus to cyber attacks after battlefield loss!

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, shortly known as ISIL, is all set to shift its focus to cyber warfare due to the battlefield loss with American troops in Iraq. Yes, the terrorist group along with a few other anti-social elements of Israel has decided to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure […]

Israel emerges as a Cyber Superpower at Tel Aviv Conference

Israel might be a small country in practical, but it has emerged as a cyber superpower in recent times said David H Petraeus, the former Director of CIA, United States. The words were spoken by the respected gentleman at the CyberTech TLV 2018 conference, also known as Tel Aviv Conference held at Tel Aviv Convention […]

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