Teenager from the UK arrested for launching International Cyber Attack

A Teenager from the United Kingdom was arrested last week for launching International Cyber Attacks on the websites belonging to multinational companies. The list of companies whose websites were paralyzed by the cyber attacks launched by the 18-year old includes T-mobile, Vodafone, O2, BBC, BT, Amazon, Netflix, Virgin Media and The National Crime Agency.

As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, Jack Chappell is the guy who is facing the charges for supplying software that crashes websites by flooding them with unusual traffic. Means, Jack was supplying DDoS related software to hackers who launched cyber attacks to disrupt web services related to multinational firms.

Jack Chappell was arrested by West Midlands Police who also accused him of assisting hackers in a 2015 related cyber attack on NatWest bank’s online systems. Therefore, Chappell will appear at Manchester Magistrates Court on Tuesday and will face charges under the Computer Misuse Act, encouraging or assisting an offense and money laundering crime proceeds together with an American National.

Prosecutors allege that Jack was running an online company which offers software as a service. They also claim that the police have enough evidence to frame the teenager with enough criminal charges such as running online tutorial classes for would-be hackers and helping some international criminals in their cyber attacking objectives.

A special team from the West Midlands police department in coordination with FBI, Israeli Police and Europol’s European Cybercrime Center conducted a special operation at the end of last month to nab Jack- the stockpot student running a web business of supplying software used to cyber attack various websites belonging to public and private utilities.

Note- Although Stockholm police have enough evidence to prove that Jack was selling software with which hackers can launch cyber attacks. They still lack the evidence which proves that Jack’s software led to data loss circumstances to any firm or individual.

More details are awaited!

Naveen Goud
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