Trump blocks China Mobiles usage in the United States


Trump Administration has passed an order on recently concluded Monday to ban the offering of Chinese mobiles services to US Telecommunications market. As a result of the ban proposal, the shares of China mobiles dropped 2 pc which is the lowest in more than 4 years.

Since last year, Trump and his administration have banned the usage of ZTE and Huawei devices in all federal agencies. This includes usage of smartphones, networking equipment, and other devices.

Now, the government has decided to put a permanent ban on all the devices manufactured by Chinese manufactures- all for the sake of National Integrity.

From September last year, there has been N number of media reports which suggest that mobile phones and networking equipment manufactured in China are indulging in espionage-related activities by sending data stored on the devices to remote servers located in Beijing, the capital of China.

After analyzing the reported submitted by the law enforcement, Trump Administration has directed an official initiative to impose a ban on the usage of all kinds of equipment imported from China from the second week of this month.

The ban is said to instigate a trade war between two nations as it is going to show a negative effect on more than $34billion worth of Chinese goods imported to the United States every year.

Obviously, China will like to retaliate to the ban imposed.

Consequently, Mr. Donald Trump has threatened to impose additional tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports if in case the Asian nation chooses countermeasures.

So, will all the American populace be forced to use the products manufactured only in their nation in coming months..? Only time can answer thoroughly to this question.

Note- Each and every electronic good used around the globe has at least 5-6 critical parts manufactured in China, Korea, and Japan. In fact, the assembling of Apple iPhone is said to be taking place in Korea and China from 2011. However, in coming months the assembling units will be shifted to India. And if usage stats are taken into account, every 7 in 10 US households are interested in using China products as they are cheap and well-fit into their budget.

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