Ukraine’s accounting software firm refuses to take Cyber Attack blame


Intellect Service which is a Ukraine-based company owned by a father and daughter duo has turned down all the reports published in the media and on the Microsoft blog blaming the company’s M.E.doc accounting software program as a malware spreader.

But Ukraine Officials and security firms including Microsoft, Cisco Talos, and Symantec confirmed that some of the initial infections which led to the disruption of a network of many companies operating in Ukraine and Europe were transmitted to users by M.E. Doc software. Experts believe that the virus dubbed as NotPetya ransomware or GoldenEye ransomware was primarily spread via an updated issued by M.E.doc to all its software users.

Olesya Linnik and her Father Sergei who developed the software M.E.Doc and own the company called Intellect service refute all these reports. They say that they have checked their software loaded servers 100 times and found no evidence which proved M.E.Doc as guilty. Olesya who is a managing partner of Intellect Service is 100% sure that the update package sent to the accounting software users was free from any kind of malware including ransomware.

Technically speaking, M.E.Doc software is used by more than 80% companies operating in and around Ukraine. The software allows its 400,000 clients to interact with their internal departments on financial documents and also assists them to file their taxes with the Ukraine State Tax Service department.

Speaking from the office which is located in the industrial estate of Kiev, Intellect Service’s General Director, Sergei raised his voice in frustration. He said that his 20-year-old business will never spread malware as reported by Microsoft and questioned the media in return that how can he himself kill his own business?

Currently, the company is cooperating in every possible way with investigators and the police were yet to reach any conclusions. And as per our sources, the servers of the tax software company have been seized by the law enforcement and will remain with them until the probe is complete.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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