UK’s 5 million Apple iPhone users to get compensation from Google for Snooping

Over 5 million Apple iPhone users from Britain are due for a compensation from Google if a class action suit against the web search giant turns negative for allegedly harvesting personal data.

Yes, a lawsuit was filed by a group led by the former executive director Richard Lloyd, along with City Law firm Chief Mischon De Reya in this regard. And a final hearing is pending on this issue for this month.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that Google unlawfully collected personal data by bypassing the default privacy settings on the iPhones between June 2011 and February 2012.

And so a legal action was launched on the firm which could make Google owe a compensation to approximately 5.4 million people in Britain who used iPhone during the said period.

As Google is accused of breaching privacy laws of United Kingdom, all iPhone users during the said period and based on their Telephone Company status will be entitled to a compensation.

The lawsuit’s objective is to send a strong message to Technology Giants that Britain’s populace will never show their backs if in case, their laws are broken.

Note- The lawsuit happens to be the first case of its kind in the UK against a major company for misusing UK populace’s valuable personal data.

On the other hand, a spokesperson from Google said that they know how to defend their company from such snooping allegations and argued that the lawsuit doesn’t have a merit at all.

Now the big question- Suppose let us assume that Google loses the battle in court and is asked to pay a compensation to all users using iPhone during the said period. Then how will it do that..?

Will the search giant make its Search engine, YouTube, Gmail access free for those users……? Ridiculous, it’s already a free service….isn’t it?

Then will it offer cash or credit to iPhone users….that is also not possible in practice.

Then will it offer its Pixel 2 Smart Phones for free…….? Well, only time can answer this question in the right way…..


Naveen Goud
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