Windows 10 new update to hide folders & files from Ransomware


Microsoft is all set to release a new security update to its Windows 10 users in September this year. And as per the claims made by Windows 10 testers, the software will soon have the potential to hide folders from malicious software which has crept into the PC through the network and this includes the dreaded ransomware.

Now to those who would like to get into the details on a further note here’s an update.

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature into its Windows Defender software which offers a new control on the apps accessing the folders. Hence, by doing so, Win 10 will have the potential to restrict any new app from accessing the folders and files loaded on the computer. Thus, users can implement folder restrictions on desktop, pictures, movies, and documents.

The new feature named “Control Folder Access” can be seen in the Windows Defender settings section from September this year. And as soon as the user activates the tab it monitors the changes made by the apps on protected folders and immediately alerts the system admin or the owner of the PC.

According to Microsoft’s blog update, the new controlled folder feature is designed to protect against viruses and ransomware from locking down the access to certain folders or the entire machine.

Note- In May 2017, the entire world witnessed Wannacry ransomware outbreak on more than 300,000 PCs across 150 countries. Security experts confirmed that the attack took place on machines which either missed a Windows security update for the month or which were using obsolete Windows OSes like the dead and extinct XP.

So, to prevent any such future attacks on users of Windows 10, Microsoft is all set to release the above-said update by next fall.

Naveen Goud
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