Artificial Intelligence tops Google Search List in 2018

When it comes to ‘technology’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ shortly & widely known as ‘AI’ is said to have topped the Google Search List in 2018. And mind you, the list was released by Google today and includes only those search terms hitting the news headlines in between Dec’17 to Dec 18th,2018.

Among the trends, the top searched term happens to be about the ‘Microsoft’s AI Commercial’ followed by the news related to 4 AI robots which killed 29 scientists in Japan.

Rapper ‘Common’ aka Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn became a household face as soon as the Microsoft’s AI commercial was released on YouTube on Feb 11th of 2018. Some supported his words, while most of them took a dig at the washed-up rapper-common sense.

Coming to the news of 4 AI robots killing 29 Japanese scientists, it was a news breakout from a woman journalist named Linda Moulton Howe in Feb this year. A video which went viral on the issue says that the massacre happened in a humanoid robots development unit in Japan where 4 Artificial Intelligence robots shot metal bullets at the researchers present in the lab. Twenty-nine of them died and 13 were said to be severely injured.

What’s more interesting about this story is the fact that 2 robots were controlled by the scientists who managed to deactivate them with great difficulty while the 3rd one had to be dismantled by other means. But the 4th robot somehow began restoring itself by connecting itself to an orbiting satellite and managed to download information on how to rebuild itself. However, the intervention by human minds at the right time failed the robot’s mission to rebuild itself to likely take control of the facility—wow a great story for a Hollywood movie….isn’t it?

The next most searched term happens to be Sophia AI Robot of 2018- a robotized model of social humanoid developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. The highlight of this silicon machine is that it has the capabilities to display more than 50 facial expressions like humans.

The other term which topped the google search list happens to be about the AI news anchor of China where a news channel named Xinhua News introduced two computerized avatars of news anchors meant to read the daily news events. Called as “AI Synthetic Anchors” developed by Sogou, Inc, a Beijing based search engine and voice recognition technology; the Chinese AI news anchors have displayed their potentials to such a level that the world came to a conclusion that machines have the ability to take over human anchors in near future.

Naveen Goud
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