China has stolen 80% of data belonging to US Adults

    In one of the astonishing revelations made in the 60 minutes report aired on an American Television channel CBS, china seems to have stolen data of almost 80% of US Adults. No wait, there is more!

    Recently, china based BGI Group has approached 6 of the different states with a proposal to construct R&D labs related to Corona Virus. And the company is so desperate in its aim that it has made the promise to make humongous donations in currency if the state governors help fulfill its interests.

    William Evanina, the former director of Counterintelligence and Security Center says that the offer turned suspicious when the company(BGI) offered enormous sum as a donation to oblige its approach to states to establish testing labs related to corona virus.

    Evanina added that such firms often establish such health service points and then collect the DNA of Americans’ in order to control their healthy lives in the future.

    CBS 60 Minutes report clearly states that such activities will prove as a bane to humankind, as it can be described as a quest to get and control human evolution in the future. The report highlighted the fact that the Chinese already have stolen personal information of over 80% of adults in the united states so far…..that’s seriously concerning….isn’t it?

    Perhaps, in the quest to full fill the dream of ‘Made in China 2025’ the People’s Republic of China wants to frame out strategies of supplying far more than mere PPE and Face Masks added William Evanina.

    Hence, companies involved in healthcare sector like Hospitals, clinics, Medical Stores and health centers should take adequate measures to protect the patient and staff data.

    As data when fallen into wrong hands can spell trouble to the future of entire humankind.

    Note- China was the country to have developed COVID-19 virus in 2019 and it literally proved as a bio war taking millions of innocent lives worldwide. So, if the country steals more information related to the adult population in a specific area, then it can easily develop new age viruses that can kill more humans than what their bullets and bombs might not do. Hope the white house has taken a note of the 60 minutes report and quashes such awful deals offered by companies operating from China!

    You can go through the report published in the 60 minutes CBS website on January 31st, 2021

    Naveen Goud
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