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All the critical infrastructure of Britain are said to be running on the mercy of state-funded Russian hackers who are waiting for the right opportunity to launch a devastating cyber attack that could bring the country to its knees. Its said that the country is facing almost 10 severe attacks every day, with many aimed to paralyze areas such as NHS, and the national grid and even the parliament.

The Joint Committee on National Security Strategy has stated the above said news and added that Russia has already established a foothold in the critical infrastructure of UK which includes the national grid and the NHS along with other government agencies such as the municipalities & water utilities.

What’s more concerning about the statement that the fact that UK government is utterly failing to respond to the cyber arms race projected by hostile nations like North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran.

2.) As the start of Christmas 2018 shopping starts from this upcoming Black Friday, security analysts say that those hosting Black Friday parties should keep in mind that cyber crooks are always prowling online for those who could allow them to steal their card or other financial details.

Technically speaking, Black Friday parties followed by Thanksgiving are those events where friends and relatives gather to party and shop online for the best deals. As such events offer partying groups to spot all the best deals and hang out together, its expected that this year the online business in the UK will touch the mark of £2.44 Billion.

As companies are luring such partying groups with more than 25% discount( Amazon for instance), many are in a desire to avoid the long-standing ques at the shopping malls and instead spend quality time with near & dear.

This is where the damage could be done says Mike Hussey a security analyst working for  Bluewater. If you are unaware of what is happening in the cyber landscape, then it is better you take aware of the situation before it gets too late. Otherwise, you will repent for not doing so in the new year i.e. in 2019 says, Hussey.

So, you better shop carefully and follow a cyber hygiene while making online payments.

3.) Smart Toy DINO is said to be a Christmas hit this year in the whole of UK. But cybersecurity specialists say that the toy dinosaur may be vulnerable to hackers who could steal all info about the young children using it.

We all know that the toy has the ability to learn various details about the kid who is using it-likes, dislikes, interest, and educational metrics. Also, it is known to collect details such as names, gender, and DOB. Along with the ability to answer questions and read bedtime stories for them. But do we also know that the internet connected toy is said to be ill-equipped to guard itself against cyber attacks?

Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization which campaigns for better internet accessibility and safety has declared this news.

Naveen Goud
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