Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google


1.) Australia based Monash IVF Group has disclosed that it has been subjected to a cyber attack where email ids and some content info were stolen by hackers as the bad guys managed to break into the database containing confidential information.

News is out that the stolen content and email ids can be used by hackers to launch phishing attacks shortly. And so has warned all its patients/customers to stay vigilant while clicking on email links.

Australia based IVF clinic says that it has alerted the law enforcement authorities along with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner as we as the industry regulators.

2.) In a bid to weed out botnet propelled accounts, Facebook(FB) has decided to introduce a video selfie verification to all its users to prove their identity. So, pretty soon all the FB users located worldwide will be asked to record a video of themselves turning their head sideways and upside down- all as a part of the new account verification system.

Already this feature was rolled out in August this year by the social media giant and has decided to make it official pretty soon. So, users need to hold their smartphones at their eye level respectively and then enable the camera to fit their faces into a circular theme that appears on the screen of their respective applications. After doing so, all they have to next is to record their video selfies and then follow the instructions thereby.

A source from Facebook says that all these arrangements are being made to say goodbye to fake FB accounts which are being maintained by web development companies around the world for different purposes.

3.) Coming to the third news which is trending on Google and related to Cyber Security, recent research has found that Lasers can be used to hack Amazon Echo Speakers and Google Home.

Yes, what you’ve read is right and was discovered by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and the Japan’s University of Electro-Communications.

What’s interesting is that hackers can use lasers to virtually speak to speakers enabled to receive voice commands that include smartphones, Car Infotainment systems Amazon Echo Speakers, Google Home, and Facebook Portal Video Chat services. So, technically this means that sound commands can be integrated into laser lights and focused onto the speakers to act accordingly.

Naveen Goud
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