Microsoft wants to work with Trump as it did with Obama on Cybersecurity


Microsoft, the American Multinational Technological company has taken a vow to work with US President Donald Trump as it did with Barack Obama previously on Cybersecurity. The company’s main objective behind this initiative is to protect US citizens from Cyberthreats of all range coming from hackers, groups, and adversaries.

The decision was announced by Microsoft President Brad Smith in an interview to CNBC yesterday. And Smith added that the decision will remain intact even if the US midterm 2018 election results culminate a divided Congress.

Speaking to CNBC at the 2018 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, Brad Smith felt that election meddling and artificial intelligence will be key areas where the US populace will need utmost safeguarding measures.

We need to skill the populace to be prepared for the next generation work and need to bring in Broadband to every corner of the country, not just the developed regions in the United States said Mr. Smith.

Both Democrats and Republicans will be interested in some of these things and it benefits everyone.

Microsoft plans to create a global force field against threats related to Cyber Security. And it wants to achieve that by formulating certain principles which help protect civilians, elections and the availability of the internet.

NOTE-Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was also found voicing his support for “privacy” which he considers to be a human right. He said that Europe’s new data laws set worldwide standards for protecting privacy and asked the US to follow the same if it values the ‘privacy concerns’ of its populace.

Naveen Goud
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